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But at this moment His emotions overwhelmed Him for He was also fully human as He saw His friends suffering, and He recognized the excruciating agony that the separation of death brings to us whom God has made in His image. Living evidence of the power of the King over death! You must be logged in to post a comment.

Jesus wept

The mission of Health for All Nations is to engage the global Christian community in the exploration and application of biblical revelation, scientific evidence, and cumulative experience as they relate to health and wholeness. Our mission includes assisting the global Christian church in fulfilling its mandate to promote health and healing among the nations. Learn More. Reading this week: John The raising of Lazarus from the dead. When a loved one dies and we face the agony of separation, where is Jesus and what is He doing?

How can we share this hope of victory over death with the people around us who are grieving?

October 28, 2018 - "When God Wept"

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The stories were both very funny and sad and many focused on the war. To me, as a teenager, they seemed full of excitement and adventure. I would have to grow older and more mature to realize the sacrifice and bitterness that accompanied each and every one of them. The story behind the play.

When Jesus Wept, the Falling Tear |

Above: Sergeant W. He was with the Squadron.

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Doug had the most amazing array of photos from the war — especially from North Africa and Italy. Having only ever seen such photos in history books, it felt like such a thrill to hold a real photo from there, taken for or by the person sitting next to me. It was like having my own private, living history book, filled with the personal stories of those who were there, on the ground, average, working men who found themselves, quite unexpectedly, as walk-on parts in the history of their time. Doug told me how the younger brothers of his wife, Gin, had followed him to war: these would be my great uncles Ken and Lewis.

They had used the long lines to dodge questions about their age and sign up, figuring that it was not fair that Doug had to go to war alone while their other brother-in-law — my grandfather Ron — got to do his bit based in England flying bombers.

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They felt brothers had to stick together. Because of their obvious youth, Lewis and Ken had been assigned the role of gathering what needed to be gathered, Lewis as a Supply Sergeant.

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This meant getting anything needed by the army…even if it meant stealing. Doug figured that, by the end of the war, Lewis had been a Sergeant seven times at least. But that was no surprise: North Africa meant Rommel, and Rommel had meant death for a lot of his friends and comrades.

But not for the three brothers. They saw Rommel defeated and made it out of North Africa. They survived the invasion and battle for Sicily as Monty and Patton vied for the island. By , they found themselves at the Battle of Monte Cassino.