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The apparent cause? Consumption of infected human flesh…. In Vienna, Dr. Reeta Kapoor, eminent anthropologist, is forced to travel to a remote Indian archipelago in order to rescue her brother who is in grave danger. In Dubai, Kelly Maelzel is blackmailed into accepting a new job - protecting the visitors to a new project, a game reserve.

The link: Savage Island, home to the most fearsome legend in the Bay of Bengal; a cannibalistic tribe of natives who ritually destroy anyone foolish enough to set foot on their island. But one megalomaniac wants to sell that paradise to the world. Unfortunately, the natives have other ideas. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Return to Book Page. Matthew and Bracus of the Band travel alongside eighteen-year old queen, Clara Williamson, as she journeys to the sea to unlock the puzzle of her lineage. Trouble strikes when the fragment absorbs Prince Frederic and undertake plans that involve Clara and her home sphere in a dangerous scheme of coercion. It isn't long before Clara discovers the Guardians terrible secret thr Matthew and Bracus of the Band travel alongside eighteen-year old queen, Clara Williamson, as she journeys to the sea to unlock the puzzle of her lineage. It isn't long before Clara discovers the Guardians terrible secret through horrible circumstances she must escape from.

Can Clara protect herself from her own destiny? Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages. Published November 16th first published November 12th More Details Original Title. Other Editions 2. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Savage Blood , please sign up. Lists with This Book.

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More filters. Sort order. Oct 02, A Book Vacation rated it it was amazing. This, to me, is amazing and shows just how much time and thought Blodgett put into writing this series. The dialogue never slips into more modern lingo in terms of the main characters, and while more modern colloquialisms do end up playing a part in the novel, Blodgett explains their appearance within the story very well. I thought this usage of proper archaic language versus modern slang was fascinating and really love the way Blodgett brings them together both inside, and outside, the sphere.

I felt as if I was a part of the story throughout the entire novel, which is an absolutely awesome feeling, but also a little disconcerting as some of the characters, such as Prince Frederic, have a bit of a violent streak. Blodgett has made her characters and setting so real that I felt the same terror, pain, anger, and anxiety that Clara felt through much of the novel, yet I also felt the love, joy, peace, and happiness that permeates throughout the novel as well.

I love novels that make me feel a part of the action, and if you do too, then this is definitely a series for you! Oct 03, Calia rated it it was amazing Shelves: mature-young-adult-reads. Oh yes, Tamara goes there! I was sucked back into my favorite dystopian series once again Hardly any time passes between these two novels. In Blood Savage, Clara, along with The Band are traveling to the sea to hopefully find out what exactly Clara is, and if they can find her real mother.

But their long journey does not go as smoothly as they hope. Along the way many people die, battles are frequent. They are more alert than ever to get to the sea. I loved the new characters introduced into the series. I knew that any scene involving her would be a good one. But enough about the newbies The Band. Two simple words, yet, oh Dear Lord. Every single one of these males are intense, and so protective. The equation makes for some of the most amazing male characters ever! Tamara keeps their personalities believable. I get the wussy vibe and it ruins it for me. Oh, now we can talk about my most favorite part of the book?

Matthew, Clara Clara, Bracus Either one of these guys could look at her, and your computer is liable to short circuit. Everyone will decide on who is their favorite.


I love each one of these relationships!! Blood Savage was an amazing second book that does NOT disappoint! Just purchase the book!!! View all 7 comments. Nov 16, Kami rated it really liked it. The only reason that I did not give this book 5 starts was because the whole book I am waiting for Clara to start carrying a knife or something and trying to defend herself instead of waiting for someone to always rescue her. Maybe that is just the sensitive feminine side of me coming out, I dunno. Maybe it wont happen till the next book, or maybe not ever since technically they already have people to be protectors so they dont need the others to step up.

All that said, I really like this series. It is a really neat storyline, something different, and fresh. I am now looking forward to the next book in 2 of this authors series. Jul 28, Katie Oliver rated it it was ok. Not as good as the first book in the series, I kept reading to see what happens to Matthew. Disappointed when it drags on. Plus the almost female rape scenario got a little old and predictable. View 1 comment. Dec 19, Wulfwyn rated it it was amazing Shelves: paranormal , owned , favorites.

This series just gets better with each book! I do not want to give away the story so I will just say there is a lot of action going on in this book too. The characters are becoming more fleshed out and we are learning more of Clara and why she is so special. Tamara did an amazing job writing the differences in language, using archaic dialogue with occasional modern slang - which is explained. I can't imagine the difficulty she had doing that.

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Kudos to her for managing it so successfully. Tamara This series just gets better with each book! Tamara writes in a way that you feel a part of the world she paints. You are drawn into it and you forget the world you live in. It is fantasy at it's best. If you like a fast paced, action packed, fantasy you can believe story you will love The Savage Series. Full review on my blog at www. Feb 12, Lori rated it it was amazing Shelves: end-of-the-world , must-read , ya-paranormal-romance.

Better than the first book. Clara and crew travel to the coast to discover her hertiage. Discover it she does. With some very interesting surprises for herself and the Band she travels with. Along the way the are attacked by the fragment aided by Fredric. Clara meets two new fragment members both who will play important roles in her future. She is constantly under pressure from her relationships with her potential mates. Some of these mates are new some old and some unexpected.

Not everyone and Better than the first book.

Not everyone and everything is what they seem in this second book. Tamara keeps us on our toes in this beautiful follow-up book. Book 3 needs to hurry up so I can find out what happens next. Just read this series already. You won't be dissapointed.

The Savage Blood

Oct 02, Megan rated it liked it Shelves: kindle-freebies , autumn , ammp-celebrate , cyb-reading-list , read-in , october , wobble-nbrc. I liked this book a bit more than the first, but it still wasn't that good. It's unbelievable how many times women are abducted and nearly raped. I don't like the love triangles, or whatever you'd call what this is, when it's very clear the person Clara wants. Ends in another cliffhanger about her relationship, which was disappointing. Apr 04, Lisa rated it really liked it.

The Savage Blood starts out one year after the events of the previous book as Clara and Company make their way towards Cape Cod in search of Clara's birth mother. My first thought was "nooooo!!! Unfortunately, we don't get filled in either. Clara has stepped up to her new position as Queen, but she's still her same overly considerate self.

However, she's still shaken from the abuse of Prince Frederic, and she The Savage Blood starts out one year after the events of the previous book as Clara and Company make their way towards Cape Cod in search of Clara's birth mother. However, she's still shaken from the abuse of Prince Frederic, and she goes through some obvious changes. But that's to be expected after the abuse she's experience, and all of the new situations she's been placed in.

She also has to deal with all of the tension between the men while traveling away from her sphere. Everyone is on edge! The action starts out almost immediately. We're thrust into the open plains of the Outside where the fragment roams. Even though the fragment is terrible, I was excited to learn more about them, and we definitely get plenty of new information on this wandering group.

We also learn about yet another group of people, the Travelers. This is where the story picks up more of the Science Fiction feel. There's a bit of talk about "folding" of time and space, but their origins are still a bit mysterious. Clara does solve the mystery of her heritage once the group reaches Cape Cod. I really liked the insight into this new clan and Band. They're a bit different than the clan which Clara has been traveling with, and again there's that one male who does not respect the females. Poor Clara just cannot catch a break from males trying to take advantage of her!

Of course, not all of the males in Clara's life are bad. She still has the task of choosing which Band member she wants to be with, but in The Savage Blood the dynamics of the love-square change in a way I was not expecting. Plus there's still Charles, Clara's childhood friend and royal adviser.

He's completely delusional in thinking that Clara will choose him, even though she's expressed to him multiple times that she only feels friendship for him. He's putting a strain on their relationship, and has become a complete "arrogant fool" as Matthew put it. I really could not stand him this time around. He went from a sweet guy that was I rooting for, to this selfish jackass.

One thing really bothered me in The Savage Blood : I had a hard time believing that the Band would be so careless about their protection of the females, especially after the battle in the last book. They always say how they'll always protect the women, and yet several times throughout the book they let them go off on their own, which allowed them to become attacked and kidnapped.

I could understand maybe one slip-up, but it happened far too often. Sure it resulted in a lot of action and conflict, but it was just bothersome and unbelievable. Other than that, this was another solid, exciting installment of the Savage series. We got answers to several questions from the first book, but many more appeared. Plus we're left with a cliffhanger! What are the travelers up to?


Will the spheres hold up against the attack? Who's going to kiss Clara next?! What exactly is Clara the key to? I'm looking forward to the next book. Jul 02, Echo rated it liked it. However, I find the writing style a bit grating. But the things that really bothered me the most was the writer adding "love" interests just because, and they all seem kind of flat and under developed.

I feel if you are going to add a love interest for conflict make it believable. I never really felt that Bracus was a real match against Matthew. It was obvious that the writer and Clara favored Matthew more. And though Bracus is much more developed than the other characters that were brought in, he was still very flat. Also the story seemed a little repetative and never slowed down, and not in a good way. The number of times the women are nearly raped is getting a little old.

I really wish they would become wiser or learn to defend themselves. Even with my gripes I do enjoy the concept and I want to see where the series goes. I will continue with the series. Aug 03, Krystal Marlein rated it it was amazing. Just as good as book 1!!! Blodgett sure knows how to toy with your emotions!

There's no way to figure out what is to come next! I cannot figure out where the story is going and I love it! The surprise, the suspense! I'm fully engrossed and enraptured!! Thank you for giving us truly amazing stories to keep us entertained! Nov 20, Beth rated it it was amazing. Once in a while you get so involved in a book that you don't see it ending.

The Savage Blood definitely had me saying NO! It can't be done already. Loved It! This series is not the typical mechanical device based Steampunk novel, but it definitely didn't lack in imagination, great characters, or story enthrallment. My only disappoint was not knowing a release date for the next in this series. Aug 29, Andrea rated it liked it. I did like this book but it felt monotonous. How many more suitors is Clara going to court before she decides that every male character in the book is attracted to her and 'must' have her?

Jan 01, Melinda rated it it was amazing Shelves: devour-me-reviews.