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Get on your computer and plan a dream romantic vacation that you would love to go on together. Who knows, maybe one day your bucket list vacation will materialize. If you had a romantic night, wake up and keep the togetherness going. Team up to make a decadent homemade breakfast and eat it in bed. Pancakes include simple ingredients that most people have on hand, so whip some up, put on a pot of coffee and listen to some Sunday morning jazz. Act as if you don't have power and as the sun goes down, light some candles and turn off your televisions and phone.

Spend the evening in the glow of candlelight talking and spending quality time with each other instead of focusing on electronics. Would you like to learn healthy communication skills for your relationship? If so, then check out my Couples Communication Course. You'll learn to resolve conflict constructively and establish new talking and listening habits to make your relationship fun, sexy, and loving again.

Go through all of the papers that tell the story of your relationship and put them in a scrapbook. This may include plane tickets, movie tickets, wedding invitations, or even theater programs. Make a book that describes how your relationship has unfolded and evolved. Have a few other couples over and enjoy having a game night with your closest friends. Having fun together and being able to laugh is always a good way to strengthen a relationship and add some romance to your life.

It doesn't have to be for any event or occasion — just bake a cake with your partner as a romantic activity and splurge on it after dinner. Clear the furniture in a room to make some space to have a two-person dance party. Pick any genre of music you want and just dance with each other. You don't have to worry about people watching you or judging your moves. You can't get more romantic than this. Wait until it is dark outside so you can take a candlelit bath. Put on some soft music, keep the water warm and just soak and relax with your partner.

You can even add some essential oils to make the bath even more relaxing. This is a slow and romantic way to set the scene for a romantic evening at home. Make chocolate covered strawberries and take turns with your partner feeding them to each other.

15 Unusual Date Ideas to Try in Atlanta

This game opens up a lot of new conversations that you likely have never had with your partner. You can learn more about each other and likely even more about yourself. There are some creative questions out there for this game, so do some research and find some really outlandish questions to ask each other. Take turns giving each other a massage. You can do this in front of a movie or in bed while listening to relaxing music. The physical touch will be relaxing and romantic.

This can be really fun and enlightening, especially if you have been married for a long time and think you know everything about each other. This will definitely have the two of you connecting and laughing in no time. Pick a theme and plan your whole evening around it. For example, if you want to pick an Italian theme, eat some spaghetti and gelato and then watch a movie like La Dolce Vita. You could also do some other themes, such as 's, Asian, Christmas in July, children's theme, or anything else you can think of. Spend some time with your partner recounting everything you have done over the past year.

Highlight the best times you've had together and talk about how you were able to be resilient through the tough times. Think about how much you have grown as individuals and as a couple. Then, talk about your goals for next year. Look in the Guinness Book of World Records and spend the day or evening trying to break one that piques your interest. You can either try to do this together as a team or create a competition out of it and compete against each other to find out who has the best record.

This can get very romantic, depending on what kinds of positions you end up getting into. Also, it will bring out the kid in you. Hire a limo to show up at your house for a dinner outing. Spend some time just driving around the city in luxury, even if it is not a special occasion. When your partner gets home from a long day, he or she will be delighted to see a nice, homemade dinner for two set up waiting and ready.

Get some good wine and spend the evening together as if you were at a fancy restaurant.

5 Date Ideas from Cheapest to Luxurious - Romantic Dates for Couples!

Don't let them know ahead of time that you have scored tickets for one of their favorite bands. Just don't make other plans that night and then spring it on them at the last minute. Make something up to get your partner in the car — perhaps tell them you are going to visit a friend. Then when you start heading towards the skydiving location, surprise them with this exciting adventure. Just be sure this is something your partner would find fun. This would be such a fun surprise for your partner. Hire a captain if you do not have any sailing experience, or take the boat out yourselves if you know what you are doing.

Either way, it will be both exciting and relaxing. This can be just a weekend away or a longer trip to a fancy destination. Take a bike ride together. Swing on the swings at the park. Go on the same date you had the night your man asked you to marry him. Hit balls at the driving range. Go to a drive-in movie. Take a hike. Take a hike and take turns taking pictures of what you see. Go to dinner at your favorite restaurant, then play cards at the park.

Pick berries at your local farm. Take an art class together. Go canoeing together. Ice Skating in your town square. Order gargantuan size ice creams and eat it all.

1. Make each date a big deal.

Get really dressed up maybe even formal attire and go to a local coffee shop. Act like you just came back from a very important event. Take a ride on a bicycle … built for two. Go to the dollar store and each pick out a gift for the other. Garage sale date. Take a dinner cruise. Go to a jazz club. This post contains my affiliate links. See my full disclosure policy here. Leigh Ann Dutton is the wife to the man of her prayers, Mark, and mama to three loveable little cherubs.

She takes joy in spending her days creating memorable moments with her family, studying God's Word, reading good books, and enjoying God's creation. She does it all by the grace of God. We were so very excited to share the place with our girls — telling them cute stories of our romance — instead we were all grossed out, haha. Thanks for sharing. We go out family date nights sometimes too!

My husband and I started in … 10 things to do in , 11 things to do in , and now 12 things to do in Some of the things my husband listed to do, so simple, and I would have never guessed on my own. I like your ideas. Awesome post! The last date night we had was something simple. What we miss the most since having a kid and getting too wrapped up with the other parts of our lives is the time to just sit together and watch the world go by.

We do this next to the pier or at the park or even at the restaurant window. I know it sounds boring but there is nothing like just sitting with your partner and being with each other. No talking just being alone with each other in a sea of people. Great list! My husband and I need to schedule more regular date nights. One of my favorite dates is to just be outside somewhere. We went to a beach town about 45 minutes away a couple of times over the summer.

The sunsets are gorgeous too! Thank you so much for this. My husband and I plan to schedule regular date nights but with 4 children, I really appreciate the at home ideas! We have been separated and are getting back together, stronger and more in love than ever before thanks to the grace of our amazing God! I am so excited to do some of these great ideas.

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My husband and I went from newlyweds to parents of 3 in 4 years no multiples so Date Night went out the window very quickly and neither one of us is very creative in the romance department so I love these ideas! I am so excited to try all of these!! Thanks for all your fantastic posts you really have made my day and quite often my week with your tips and topics on not just going through the moment!

Thank You.

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My husband is a hunter and loves it. Check your states hunting regulations book before proceeding look in the table of contents under shining or call your local DNR. Now get bundled up as warm as you can. We bring gloves, blankets and wear lots of layers. Next grab coffee, cider, hot chocolate and snacks.

We borrow one from a friend from time to time when one burns out. Now the fun part drive till pm in the country and shine fields for dear. We count them as we see them and sometimes document it. At times when he sees a big buck or doe he might use a deer call. I love the date night idea of going re-doing the date you had the night you got engaged. The restaurant where we ate that night does not exist anymore it was destroyed in a fire and is a coffee shop downstairs and pilates studio upstairs…where we sat to eat our meal…now , but we actually live in the town, now, that we were visiting that day.

We pass the church steps where he proposed a couple times a week. Every once in a while, I point them out and tell our 7 year old again that those steps are where his papa asked me to marry him. We try to do two date nights a month with at least one out of the house. For our in-house dates, we have a jar of ideas.


We had a great bit of fun coming up with ideas-some silly like the video games and some productive like doing family history or touching up a piece of furniture, and I look forward to pulling them out of the jar. The one on one time is very rejuvenating after prolonged periods of being more mom than Megan!

I wanted to say I found your site while doing some research on date nights and I really enjoy it. One of the best benefits of doing research on great topics like date nights for my readers is that I get to come across some really great and creative ideas. Thanks for the great post. Hope it helps. I never heard of a bookstore challenge. I really like the idea to turn your dining room into a dining destination! I think putting up some cool decorations and ordering takeout would be a unique way to celebrate.

Thanks for the inspiration!

He gets so competitive which makes it even sweeter when I win! We decided to spice up date night. Our monthly date night is tomorrow night. Instead of a pub dinner followed by a quiz, we are planning a trip to a local park for a picnic lunch. Other ideas include a dance lesson, a wine tasting session, a night out of town, a photoshoot, a swim, a bowling night etc. I am toying with the idea of a themed night too. Thanks for sharing all these great date night ideas. My wife and I are hoping to do something like a dinner cruise to celebrate our wedding anniversary. All we need to do now is find a place that can do something like a dinner cruise.