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Littmann described what might be the first case of California road rage.

The Pomo Indians talked of a bear that was walking when it bumped into the sun. They fought about who was in the way, so the bear, in a fit of rage, bit the sun and kept eating until the moon came and saved the day. Andean people used to speak of the moon whispering lies in the sun's ear — the crescent in the eclipse. So they would bang drums and make dogs howl to alert the sun that "the moon is a liar and he's lying to the sun" about the people of Earth, Aveni said.

Tenskwatawa, a Shawnee prophet of the early 19th century, was trying to unite tribes in Indiana and Ohio. William Henry Harrison, then governor of the Indiana territory and later hero of the Battle of Tippecanoe and America's ninth president, tried to belittle the efforts.

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He asked the prophet if he could perform miracles and challenged him to "cause the sun to stand still, the moon to alter its course, the rivers to cease to flow or the dead to rise from the graves. The sun went away temporarily, "which was very embarrassing for Harrison," Littmann said.

Not only was the plot incredibly addicting, but the […]. Myers, and narrated by Summer Glau, launches today! Many people believe that a grid of earth energies circles the globe, connecting important and sacred sites such as Stonehenge, the Egyptian Pyramids, and the Great Wall of China.

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If you plot these and other sites on a map, a curious thing becomes apparent: Many of them can be connected by straight lines. She responded by stating: "I got thousands of e-mails, most using words I would not dare repeat. But nobody offered a solution for my family.

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This story, as I show in my new book Virgins: A Cultural History , indicates how age-old attitudes and anxieties still influence the ways we think and feel today. And this applies even in the supposedly secular, post-Christian West. From early Christianity onwards, virginity was understood as fundamentally and problematically connected to knowledge.

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Humanity's condition before the Fall was virginal; after the Fall, with the acquisition of knowledge, came the entry into sin and the loss of virginal innocence and perfection. Yet virginity has also proved consistently resistant to knowledge - and defining it, over the centuries, has occupied poets as well as medical and religious writers.

Yataco's words pinpoint one of the main problems they grappled with: is virginity a physical state or a state of mind? Certainly there were and are those who seek physical proof of virginity.

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Thus, it is still widely believed that a woman's virginal status can be ascertained by checking her hymen, even though the hymen cannot, in fact, provide such proof. Nevertheless, virginity tests and hymen reconstruction surgery are performed in many parts of the world, bolstering a myth of physically verifiable virginity that is often used to control women. What remains obscure is precisely which sexual activities are considered to lead to a loss of virginity - and which not. There are those who would argue that anal penetration does not count - a claim that reveals heterosexist assumptions.

Equally, any penetration of the vagina that is not by a penis, even if it results in the tearing of the hymenal membrane, tends not to be counted as loss of virginity. Such uncertainties are reflected in the questions asked by adolescents in magazines and on websites.

Elder and the timeless lure of “Lore”

In the past, and notably in the Middle Ages, it was not so much the hymen that was looked to for evidence of intact virginity as a combination of physical traits and behaviour. Female virgins were thought to be discernible by their modesty, their propensity for blushing, and the colour and quality of their urine.

A true virgin was also characterised by her innocence - that is, her absence of knowledge and experience, particularly in sexual matters. On the other hand, women were often suspected of pretending to be virgins, and of performing the traits associated with virginity.


Such suspicions - expressed by medical, legal, religious and literary writers - were based on the belief that women all potentially possessed a dangerous knowledge that allowed them to exploit the elusive nature of virginity, and to deceive those around them. Virginity was also linked to knowledge in other ways. For Christian thinkers, virginity was not primarily a physical state. In order to claim true Christian virginity, especially if one was a man or woman dedicated to a religious life, one had to achieve the correct state of mind. For example, even if one did not actually engage in sexual activity, the desire to do so was already a threat to virginal integrity.

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Virginity guides were written in order to aid those intent on maintaining lifelong virginity in the name of Christ. Both the body and the mind had to be guarded carefully, the soul continually searched for any sign of sinfulness. Women in particular had to be wary, for it was thought that their carnal natures made them more susceptible to lascivious thoughts. After all, it was Eve who first fell for the Devil's flattery.

This meant that virginity encompassed what we might think of today as both psychological and physical status: a person's thoughts, intentions, desires as well as her actions. In other words, virginity was a complete identity, and one which, in its ideal state, had to be worked for constantly, demanding endless self-scrutiny.

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