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In this instance, the noun in the dative case is on the receiving end of the verb of either giving, telling, or showing ; examples of all three are below. Giving: Marcus pecuniam amico dat - Mark gives money to his friend Telling: Davidus victoriam populo nuntiat - David announces the victory to the people. Showing: Iulia cibos suis ostendit - Julia shows the food to her family. How does this differ from the dative case, though, as both are used when on the receiving end?

The answer is simple: The indirect object is merely the recipient of the direct object I. Consider the following sentence. Puer pilam iacit - the boy throws the ball.

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Here, pilam is the direct object, because it is in the accusative. What happens when we make pilam dative? Then it becomes Puer pilae iacit , which is ungrammatical, because iacere is a transitive verb it must have a direct object.

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  • Additionally, if we replace the noun pila with its English interrogative equivalent, for the accusative we get "The boy throws what? ABLATIVE : The ablative case is most often used where we would use a prepositional phrase in English, and is used to provide additional information to enhance a sentence.

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    • Such information includes, but is not limited to, indicating the origin of something, a means by which something is done, the time at which something is done, location of an event, and the cause for which something happens. In the beginning stages of Latin, though, learners are often first exposed to the Ablative of Means "By what means". When translating a phrase in the Ablative of Means into Latin, there is no prepositional equivalent, as is the case with expressing time, cause, and manner.

      For example, consider the English sentence "I write with a pen.

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      The suffix of a word in the vocative case is precisely the same as the nominative case, unless the word is second declension and ends in either - us or - ius. In those particular cases, the vocative suffixes are -e and -i , respectively. Here are some examples of the usage of the vocative.

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      Marce , discede hinc! Pater , quaeso me audi! Aelia , illumne puerum novisti? Caesar, te scribere iubeo!

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      As its name suggests, it serves to indicate a location , the place where someone or something is or where something happens. Nouns that have this case are mainly names of towns and of small islands, as well as a very few common nouns, notably domus , fem. The locative, as you can see above, is domi; It looks exactly like the second declension locative suffix. For singular first and second declension nouns that have a locative, it is identical to the genitive singular. Ignis Umbra , Aug 20, LCF , Terry S. Location: Torontum, Ontario, Canada.

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