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Del dette: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading I can attest to that. The sound in Austin, TX was nothing short of glorious. I guess we can discuss this until the cows go home and never agree…. A lot did… I really like both studio albums with blaze but live he was unbearable …. The Dance of Death artwork was a good idea but poorly executed imo. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:.

Email required Address never made public. Name required. Post to Cancel. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. For those looking for a regular fix of Eurovision gossip, you can follow Wiwi on Twitter wiwibloggs. Eurocovers is, in their own words, "a celebration of the highest form of praise for the Eurovision song: The Cover Version" where "anything goes. Log on and have your say on the musical rarities, because at Eurocovers "comments are welcome.

On May 22nd he'll be a studio guest in the show Pulse, where he talks about the preparations, the expectations and his own favorites for the contest.

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We look forward to hearing from you! Human rights activists want to use the event to bring international attention to democratic shortfalls in the country. Join us as we countdown to Europe's biggest musical extravaganza - Eurovision Song Contest Each week, the radio show Pulse brings you the latest in youth culture in Germany and Europe. This year's Eurovision Song Contest entries varied from a call to action to end capitalism to pure party songs. The winner won on a personal note, says DW's Rick Fulker. The remaining 26 entries will battle it out in this weekend's finale.

With the s sitcom "Julia," Diahann Carroll became the first black woman to star in her own TV show. On stage, screen and in song, she often played roles once considered the territory of white women. Musical freedom of expression is under fire, but artists like Iran's Farzane Zamen and Egypt's Ramy Essam refuse to be silenced. They're sharing their stories of bans, censorship and prison at the World Forum on Music.

British voters, it seems, stay polite even when they are angry: A Yorkshire man who told the British prime minister to leave his town is hailed as a hero, leading to a top Twitter trend.

BTW,kids,and i mean people in their late 20s,early 30s, are starting to own turntables again. Subject: Joan singing "blood" Peter - did she sing it a capella? When I saw her about 12 years ago,I think it was perhaps even longer it was her second or third song.

I've heard from others who've seen her more recently that she usually does it sans musicians or backup singers. I had the exact same experience of dissecting every line she sang and noting what she's changed in it - how could I not?! I passed on seeing her and one of my heros - Kris Kristofferson - a couple months ago. We were debating going, as I have never passed up a chance to see him, but they didn't sound too good and that made the decision I voted. Thanks for the link, Carol. I will finally get to see him live. I loved Rick Danko and I can think of no musician live that gave me more pleasure over the years.

The pure joy in his eyes as we would be almost levitating as the crowd before him would be going bananas during a Band song is something I think about often.

Big Business Deluxe

I thought I'd post to let you know that nominations are being accepted for Canada's Walk of Fame and it would be great if Rick could finally get the recognition he deserves by being honored by the organization. It's easy to submit a nomination; just go to the Walk of Fame website click link and vote. Subject: Crowbar again And here's Crowbar's most excellent very first 45, a rock version of bluegrass classic "Uncle Pen". I agree that he's not a great singer and that his "First Cut" is overblown, but I'd say it's overblown in the magnificent way of "MacArthur Park" or some of Spector's annual productions from the late '60s.

Not sure why exactly, but I've been on a bit of a Crowbar kick of late, their first album specifically.


I suspect the Neil Young connection goes deeper than looks and cover versions but extends to belief in vinyl. He also had his book, at cheaper than shop price. He strikes me as sincere and not after the money. He may not have thought it through. I mention it from time to time. But pricing is the issue. I think Tom has it right for a live gig where you expect a round number and a discount, because the retailer share is eliminated.

And eggs Bill. Don't forget the eggs. I know the old memory plays up at your time of life but those great great grandchildren of yours will still be awaiting Easter bunny! Enjoyed that Bill. Jeez, that's even more than in our street! Hi Rog. Good to hear from you. Not sure exactly where you were for that one. We were central, near the back of the rear circle. If you were anywhere near you might recall a guy waving his crutches in the air to attarct Bruce's attention [I failed] - It was and my left leg was in plaster having snapped my achilles tendon celebrating our away draw at Juventus to reach the European Cup semi final [long story].

Subject: It was a slow day I find the Redboy material interesting but don't play it much. All the mainstream stuff could be great Band songs. Robbie's voice is a constraint as we've many times noted here. It suits some songs perfectly but others would benefit enormously from The Band's vocalists.

Ace concert. Though not as memorable perhaps as the Seeger Sessions concert at the awful NEC which was such an amazingly joyous occasion. And Bruce hung around afterwards outside signing things and chatting Interesting that Mr. Springsteen's "Land of Hope and Dreams" quotes from "W. Walcott Medicine Show. Peter V, at the Simone Felice show the other night the only way he was selling the new cd was in combination with the vinyl copy.

The price was 25 dollars. I was fine with that but I did think it was kind of strange. Some music fans have working turntables but I think at this point most people don't. It just seemed like a bit of a turn off if you just wanted the cd. I see the cd is available by itself on Amazon so maybe he just didn't have it in that format to sell at the show. That would also seem odd since it is early on in his tour. It makes me wonder who a young artist like Felice thinks or hopes his audience it.

The few times I've seen him solo or with Duke and The King the majority of the audience was at least in their 40's if not older. That must seem strange for a young artist. If that is the case does he really think they have 25 dollars to spend on his new music? I don't know. He seems to be a great kid and I'm rooting for him all the way. Link above to hear that album just click on the play icon for each song. And you, Pat B, will appreciate the editorial cartoon in today's "Globe and Mail" - see link. How'd you come up with the pseudonym? I've ordered the basic album for now Adam.

Must admit i can't put a feeler gauge between the versions of Tennessee blues by Bobby and Doug Sahm. I think both are just divine. Pete, I think you're spot on re the purposeful avoidance of the full band accompaniment. The Tunnel of Love tour goes down as my least favourite Springsteen tour for, I think, that very reason.

The songs just didn't suit the full treatment. The subtleties which make the album such a treat tended to be lost. In contrast his Tom Joad and Devils and Dust tours - each with lesser material overall - were purely solo efforts and rank for me as probably my favourites musically - even if they could not provide the huge adrenaline rushes which Bruce can invoke with his the full band. Also the solo performances come with the added bonus of coming in smaller hall venues specially the Albert Hall gigs where he seemed to pull out that bit extra on each song.

I'm delighted TOL is doing it for you second time around. The album that most did that for me was Murmur by REM. I'd bought it after reading of parallels with The Bandin in a review of their third album Lifes Rich Pageant magazine. I loved 'Pageant' and thought it merited backtracking but was not sold on Murmur on the first few hearings.

It languished on the shelf for several years until one day I overheard some great sounding music my son was listening to and it turned out it was my Murmur album. We shared it after that! Cool music artist cartoon. Because they press a certain number, then sell out, CDs and DVDs can reach spectacular prices, only to fall to nothing when a new print run or issue is done. In contrast, pricey vinyl has some intrinsic value, though the Everly Brothers, Little Richard, Fats Domino and others of the late 50s are dropping quite alarmingly in price.

A lot are appearing as owners pass away, or downsize homes, and the "rarities" are turning up more and more often. Also, the stuff shooting up in value is psych, mod and soul, so the 50s stuff is plain out of fashion. Do you remember the eBay thing on "American Son"? But then it gets available again. I had a few hours in the car yesterday. Thanks to Al's essay, I went through Tunnel of Love two and a half times, getting better every time.

Then you get fairground organ, only really one prominent electric guitar solo, something relevant or interesting on every track. So it made me look at my groaning shelves of music and think how many other gems are sitting there ignored, but which need taking out and dusting off. Bobby Charles today, then. But just the basic album. Subject: Robbie's top 10 Robbie's top 10 mostly from his first 2 albums will always suffer because of the thinking that "The Band would have done it better". It's probably true in most cases but The Band weren't there for a number of reasons.

The songs are mostly pretty good though. Not his greatest work but up there with most of the stuff done from Cahoots onwards. Adam, cheers for nod. It's selling on Amazon for 70 quid. I also looked on Rhino Handmade and it looks like it's no longer available. How much was yours? As keen as I am I can't justify stretching to anything like that. Carmen, ALL of his top ten or top twenty are "Bandworthy.

I miss her glorious voice. Can anyone help me find new copies? Subject: Bobby Womack Hi all!! Sad news, so let us all pray for this wonderful musician for a speedy recovery. Check out my link for the article in RS mag. Get well, dear Bobby Womack. Rhino Handmade released an excellent deluxe edition of Bobby Charles' Bearsville album last fall.

I just started to really dig into the bonus material in the set, and the whole thing is fantastic. The set essentially contains a "Disc 2" for the Bearsville album, containing demos, outtakes, alternates, etc. There is also a full, unreleased album from with Dr. John and Paul Butterfield participating. It's the perfect music as the weather starts to warm up. I think this set may have gotten a general release, as it's listed on Amazon under a different distributor and release date now.

Either way, everyone should grab a copy of this release. Subject: RR I want to put something out there. Peter: Ms. Baez first began performing the song solo in concert in early , with a live version appearing on Joan Baez In Concert Part 2 released later that year. She subsequently recorded a studio version in Nashville in the '70s with musicians led by Grady Martin. I can't recall, but that version may have featured fiddle.

Joni Mitchel's has lost so much of the beauty to it due to years of chain smoking. If Baez comes through Canada, I will for sure go! It looks like she will be in Europe for the rest of this tour so far The link is for an interview she did for Oprah magazine. The fiddle playing in it was magnificent and very jaunty, and that gave it a "Dankoesque" mood if you see what I mean.

Was there fiddle on the original? It was just fiddle, her guitar and light percussion. Joan Baez' first began performing "Long Black Veil" in early , making her one of the first to cover the song following the versions by Lefty Frizzell , Burl Ives and The Kingston Trio Subject: Joan Baez In her book "a voice to sing with" she mentions that her voice no longer hits the high registers it is still incredibly beautiful , is there any truth to this in concert? This may be one reason that she didn't sing "Silver Dagger," as it is in that soprano type register. Seems like it's been up almost a year and had 32 views.

It's opening guitar intro is just so sweet and delicate you could peel a grape with it. Doug's version has a piano intro and makes you weep it's so good. Sadly it doesn't seem to be available on You Tube. Sometimes I choose not to see an act that I really loved perform in their dotage. I"d rather enjoy the memory as it was. But that's just me. Excellent Seats! Exclusive Invite! That said some older acts still seriously bring it. Oddly enough it really seems to me that they acts they still delivery are playing in front of people, and not 15,, And while we are talking about elder statesmen-any hear Joe Walsh's first single in 20 years?

Sounds pretty much like a Joe Walsh song, and therefore fairly enjoyable to my ears. It is a problem. Joanie is in much better voice and shape than Bob, that's for sure, and at 71 looks about Often with the greats charisma and presence compensates. But to resurrect an old story, one resurrected here before, recall the tale: Two bulls were standing on top of a steep hill looking at a herd of cows.

But it's true that the "twilight" acts can sometimes work wonders with economy. It's like seeing Fleetwood Mac a few years ago. Stevie Nick reserved the twirls to a couple of very short bursts, but when she twirled, she twirled with skill and gusto. It's such a crap shoot seeing acts in their, mmmmm, "Twighlight". Especially when you are seeing them for the first time. Some age well, and some don't. Still, you wan't to see them when you get a chance, my only solo Rick show was a week or so before he passed. Scored a few gems at my local used record store Saturday.

I found the original 45 version of "Bald-Headed Lena" by Dr. Feelgood and the Interns. Feelgood , who co-wrote it with Edward Sneed. My copy is a radio station promo on the Okeh label with Mr. Perryman's "My Gal Jo", another fine song, on the flip side. Smith performed eight instrumentals, including the original version of his composition "Walk, Don't Run", later covered by Chet Atkins and the Ventures.

Subject: so much cavalry Stoneman, Peter, Stoneman. Fighting Joe Hooker and an independent cavalry corps. I saw Aretha about 15 years ago and she does put on quite the entertaining show. Plenty of hits but my favourite part was when she sat down at the piano and belted out a gospel number. She plays all those chunky gospel chords that I love. It was at Foxwoods casino where I saw her so I do not know if she plays a different show for a different sort of venue.

The cost I can't recall but wasn't too expensive. So anyone see her lately? Subject: Joan Baez Great review, Peter! You must have had a great night. The only fault I would have found with the concert would be that she didn't sing "Silver Dagger," which I have always felt is one of her best vocals. Where to start? On the new one, start off with New York Times. See link! But in light of the lavish praise for this gent, alone, can you recommend a few tracks of his to get me started?

This excellent show consisted of songs from Felice's new solo cd, several Duke and The King songs and a couple from his time with The Felice Brothers. He closed the show with 'Knockin' on Heavens Door'. Simone in his young short life has already had two near death experiences. A brain aneurysm when he was 12 and emergency open heart surgery just two years ago. Although in the Hudson Valley we're just country folk, the performance of this song to end the show and the meaning of the song seemed very clear and direct to everyone in the audience.

Especially on side two you can find examples in every song. Mag and I became so embroiled in similar heartbreak as the first port of call for my sister in the painful disintegration of her marriage and for three of our closest friends [two marriages] in the disintegration of theirs. So it is with me on Tunnel. That was lovely. They just click in with the situation. That one hits me every time I'm rolling down a country road at night like Thursday night after The Civil Wars driving Bristol to Poole along tiny lanes taking the short cuts over the Dorset hills between 11 pm and 1 am.

You do need six cylinders though. Bruce would appreciate that. No snarling gear changes or rocking around corners, just swaying through them.

DW's Eurovision 2012 Round-Up

After a day with Tunnel of Love, the hardest thing in the world is to be clear and direct, rather than ironic and abtuse as Dylan. It is truly a great album. If I could build a mountain You could call your very own, A place to find serenity, A place to be alone. Joe J: I had both of those too, now that you mention it. Playing it now. My copy has the "Q Sleevenotes" by Mark Cooper tucked inside.

Pete, not sure if you did tune into it. I did - and it's been some years since the last time - and have to admit i'd forgotten just what a complete entity it is. Anyroad, I dug out this take on it on a Springsteen site. It's not mine but it certainly conveys how I see the narrative arc of the album and if you are revisting it, it might just be of interest. All the songs fit the album. I'm pretty convinced those who say otherwise are talking about music, when the album is intrinsically about the stories. They fit the over all theme of the album, but in my mind they don't fit the arc of the album.

In 'Tougher Than the Rest', he's asking her out. Nothing really more than that. He's talking himself up to be some big badass, which comes back into play several times later throughout the album. By the time 'All That Heaven Will Allow' comes along, he's with the girl and this really represents the innocence of new love and the ideal of it.

The hardness of a real relationship hasn't started and he's just aware of all her perfection. That song would not fit the context with any other type of sound and the fairground organ at the end tucks in perfectly both with the breeze of new found love and the Tunnel of Love metaphor. Now heres where 'Spare Parts' and 'Cautious Man' come into play. They're the only two complete story songs rather than being a part of a whole on the entire record so it's quite feasible that they're intended as related 'love' stories that the main character is hearing around the time of being with this girl.

Kind of the cautionary tales and even though Cautious Man turns out well, it turned out that it may not have been the best idea for him to shed his cautiousness while persuing the girl. In fact, I will go outright and claim that Cautious Man is someone telling him to be careful with this, maybe after he said he wants to marry this girl. It fits perfectly as someone telling him a story and comes in the perfect place for that to make sense. Cautious Man can also be considered the entire plot of the album in one song, despite there being a twist at the end.

I struggle to find a corresponding shelf for 'Spare Parts'. Perhaps again it's intended to highlight a possible cautionary pitfall of relationships but, whatever, 'Cautious Man' is such a beautiful song if you just look at the words. It could stand as my favorite Bruce song lyrically. It's where our protaganist gets married and kind of sees how his whole life has brought him to this point and it's the first song on the album where he probably feels like he really is now a grown up, the stature of adulthood up to then haveing scared the shit out of him.

Reality hasn't quite sunken in though. It also stands as the most directly autobiographical on the album. So Act 1 so to speak, has begun with him meeting the girl of his dreams, being beguiled by her, dating her, and then marrying her. We pick up in Act 2 with the reality of love and marriage now setting in. To counterpoint this he writes about it in a fantastical carnival metaphor in the side two opener 'Tunnel of Love'.

They're still remaining steadfast. His evil twin so to speak is slowly ruining things by hurting his woman. And all of this makes him feel awful, but it's inevitable. Now real doubt and suspicion is part of the equation and she's becoming part of the problem.

Interdisciplinary Perspectives from Down Under

Due to his problems, walls are starting to creep up in her, so she's creating her own disguise, so they're becoming two people rather than one entity. It also kind of shifts back and forth between who he's talking about and I think that kind of represents how it can feel like a couple is grasping at the threads of the tatter love. We've all been there. In 'One Step Up' he's about to leave her or she's about to leave him. In my mind, it's actually the latter but perhaps i'm biased for bruce.

Recap of the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest Final

But pretty much the whole world is dark and upside down. It's gotten so bad that there are no positives in the relationship and he feels it's all his fault. No matter how tough he said he was, he couldn't prepare for this. Not much to say here, other than it sounds like he may be trying to save face or reflect back to the time before them when he was alone. He knows what it's like and perhaps the lack of loneliness is the only thing worth having in the relationship anymore. But he's telling her that it's not always fun to be alone.

Now finally we have Valentine's Day.

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The album's dark gem. It's over. I don't think there's any dispute there. Personally, I like the idea that this takes place after a couple of years and he really doesn't have anything. He now truly knows the riches that he spoke about in Ain't Got You were not or could never be everything. Now its accompanied by a gnawing emptiness that he's having to live with. He sees his friend with the untold joy of a son. His friend tries to reassure him by saying that he can travel fast because he's alone, but that's not what the narrator wants.

He wants his girl back or at least the girl that made him feel so alive. Yet all he has been able to take from love is bitterness. But now he longs to wake up from that. And now he wants the one person he can truly love. You need to see the rise or the fall is pointless. And I feel similarly about Cautious Man. It's the piece that foreshadows the ending. Less essential but still super important. I'll also argue that it's his best titled album, except maybe Greetings. But here Tunnel of Love is the centerpiece of the album and fits perfectly with the story as a whole, whether he planned that or not.

Sorry about the essay. I'm just really passionate about this album and I had some time to kill. From Bonnie Raitt's new record "Slipstream". Great guitar from Bill Frisell. Subject: Vibraphone by Norbert Poor lad. That's how it is growing old: going to buy a vibrator and coming home with a vibraphone.

Buy a pair of "EasyReaders" next time. David was an unofficial member of the Rascals and sang with them in the studio a lot. He also showed other groups how to harmonize, one of his successes being King Harvest's "Dancing in the Moonlight" on which he also sings backup. For fans of Daniel Lanois Thanks, David. Just ordered the CD.. The group's also contributes their own recording "Kingdom Come", not to be confused with The Band's song.

The Civil Wars Cohen and MJ.. A friend takes his Dad to see Cirque du Soleil As for their many links and parallels with our guys, my favourites revolve around facts that Hawkins and the Hawks and Joey Dee and the Starlighters shared both a label Roulette and a producer Henry Glover. Who was with Joey Dee first, Hendrix or Cornish? Oops, a little wrong in the previous post, here the correct one, enjoy! Subject: Famous Band song finaly written down for vibraphone We've got a vibraphone with numbers on the vibrons.

We here to little of him, let's not forget the man. Subject: Hilda Don't feel bad about hanging posters. I'm also 60 and have my Last Waltz poster and a couple of Levon's ramble posters scattered around, all framed. I also have that old greenish pyramid poster from the Dark Side of the Moon album hanging in the family room. Just a couple pins in it Subject: posters and rascals, or is that rescals and posters I'm older than you Charlie's Angels guys.

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  • I had the famous Raquel Welch from 1,, BC movie. I just happened to have seen it recently, on TCM, for the first time. Big fun! I've seen Felix's various lineups 4 times over the decades, most recently just last Summer. They were all good shows, the most recent one was best of the 4 solo shows, by far. I kept buying their albums right up to the bitter end.

    Dino Dinelli is much underated and under appreciated. I remember being thrilled when I learned that he was drumming on Stevie Van Zandt first album, back in the mid or late 80's. I would have bought it anyway but even if I hadn't been interested Dino's precense alone would have been incentive enough for me to buy it. Norbert: thanks for posting. Credit where it's due even though he's not my cup of tea. The problem Norb is the British media will distort matters until the obscenity of what's been perpetrated is diluted.

    Is there a place where you can apply to be a male groupie? I can still just about manage 20 press ups on a good day. Annoyingly, they're playing Southampton on the 10th, a 70 mile shorter drive, but we already booked to see a play in London.. Subject: Barton Hollow Al, you should probably watch them doing "Barton Hollow" from the same show linked. Take an aspirin first to thin out the old cholesterol.

    Okay Pete first time i've ver set eyes on them so I wasn't there but I bet a pound to a pinch of shite that not one solitary gaze of any hot blooded male in that audience left the wondrous vision that is Joy Williams for a single nano second whilst she was on stage. Boy is she hot. On the strength of your clip I've just booked my tickets for the L'pool Phil on 1st november. Now if you'll just excuse me I've just got to go and ogle for a few more hours at that Billie jean clip. See the link.

    We discussed them here and some found Barton Hollow a bit samey. Subject: Hi My friend told me how nicely done your website, congrats! There was a legendary alleged Sydney band called far canal They're a 3 x 7" set on the American Express label, You rented a machine from Amex in Paris and carried it around Paris with the audio guide singles, and stood holding it on a flat surface e.

    No doubt ignoring the cries of "Plonker! Joni was robbed but John was perfect! The latter has a distinctly southern Californian feel and is a song that Jimmy Buffett would feel at home singing. Tyson himself says the record is a collection of songs built around the road back from the much-publicized loss of his voice in The concerts will celebrate Years of Calgary Cowboys, and part of the annual Calgary Stampede celebrations. Subject: plan your vacation Link is to recordshops.

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    • Seems like it has been 20cc all winter in TO and I hate it! Link to Keef and Willie. I like this one. Subject: Gravediggin Man Video. Subject: Dylan poster It was a different standard one here. The cover of OZ magazine "Blowing In The Mind" was done as a poster in red, yellow and orange and became the standard Dylan wall hanging. Link is to the Oz cover. Some of the posters had the OZ removed. A mutual acquaintence said I would really like your site. Glad I listened to her! I like how you really scrutinize and get to the point but can you go over that last part again?

      Just a bit? Glorious data here. This interesting post made me smile. Possibly should you throw in a few pictures it would make the entire thing extra interesting. Anyway, in my language, there usually are not much good supply like this. I'm also partial to Emmylou's cover of the Neil Young tune of the same name.