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One sister marries the man only after telling him the falsehood that she was pregnant by him. However, it is the other sister who proves her dominance of evil. Paul Henreid.

Albert Beich , Oscar Millard. Aug 10, Karl Malden as Sgt.

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Jim Hobbson. Peter Lawford as Tony Collins. Philip Carey as Sgt. Ben Hoag. Jean Hagen as Dede. George Macready as Paul Harrison. Estelle Winwood as Matriarch. George Chandler as George. Mario Alcalde as Garcia. Cyril Delevanti as Henry. Monika Henreid as Janet. Bert Remsen as Dan. Charles Watts as Apartment Manager. Ken Lynch as Capt. Charles Meredith as Defense Lawyer. Aug 17, Full Review…. Aug 17, Rating: 2. Jul 9, Rating: 3. View All Critic Reviews 9. Apr 08, Look to see the difference between how Bette smooches Karl, her boyfriend, and Peter, her, uh, other boyfriend, its worth the admission price alone.

Kevin M. W Super Reviewer. Jul 13, Another in a string of Bette Davis' comeback movies of the sixties, "Dead Ringer" feels and looks recycled, but has all the mystery and charm of a Davis' film. What feels recycled ultimately boils down to the fact that many of the pieces of the plot are the same as other, better films.

Davis had played identical twins earlier in the film "A Stolen Life" and Olivia de Havilland had basically played the same kind of role in a very similar film entitled "The Dark Mirror" from that same year. Murderous twins have always been an interesting thriller concept and noir staple, because of the extremes that siblings can present when they are given the chance to kill.

This film and another film of that decade put Davis back into the limelight and with good reason. She was the queen of the film noir as well as acted in dramatic turns in the thirties and forties. This film exploits her popularity to the fullest, as well as her newfound fame, and without her this film would not have had the same impact, and wouldn't have been enjoyable.

Another great performance in this film comes from legendary actor Karl Malden. It's his curiosity into the death of his girlfriend and compassion towards her twin sister that really makes a statement about how a person changes when they murder someone, no matter how sweet or innocent they were beforehand. It seems obvious why Edie kills Margaret: because she is in debt, her sister has everything because she married her former beau, and Edie has had a hard, miserable life.

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Her impersonation of her sister isn't always spot on, and the ensuing story about her living day to day, trying to keep up the mirage she's concocted, doesn't do much except tell us about the social life of Margaret. The film doesn't say much about Edie as a character, or how she feels while deceiving everyone, including her boyfriend, which is especially damning.

She is immediately demonized after killing her sister, and is oftentimes shown to be unreliable, calculating, and very bitter. This film only emphasizes Davis, and most of the film is exposition that includes her own musings.

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The peripheral characters are mostly slags and socialites, and except for Karl Malden, none of them give any insight into the character of Margaret, who remains a mystery except for what little insight Tony gives us, which is only that he exists. Only the ending tells us anything about either twin, gives us any moral, or any damning existential question. Spencer S Super Reviewer. Sep 05, This is a cool thriller, Davis plays twins, and the rest of the cast is good too.

I really liked this movie, it's thrilling. Aj V Super Reviewer.

Dead Ringer by Kate Kessler

Apr 22, Very suspenseful with what happens all through the movie. I have been creeped out by Betty Davis ever since I was a kid and still am, but in this role she is worth 4 stars. Bruce B Super Reviewer. See all Audience reviews. Margaret: Money's no object. How much would you like? Now Sit Down!!

Dead Ringer

Now Sit Down! View All Quotes. Best of Netflix. Go back. More trailers. Couples Therapy. The Great British Baking Show. The Politician. Well, Bette Davis is back—all over town, in fact, at the Palace and 20 other theaters in a movie called "Dead Ringer"—and she is very, very bad. Not that this is any discredit to Miss Davis. Far from it. Her mammoth creation of a pair of murderous twin sisters not only galvanizes this uncommonly silly little film, but it is great fun to watch.

It would be unfair to quibble with Warners about the way they have treated their indestructible star.

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The vehicle may be creaky on the plot track, but it has all the extra accounterments the studio used to supply in her dramatic heydey. Paul Henried, Miss Davis's most dependable cigarette lighter, is on hand this time as director, to guide her through a swanky array of sets, costumes and men friends. His direction is dubious about the plot deficiencies, as Miss Davis improbably does herself in and then masquerades as herself, but at least he keeps the camera where it belongs—on her.

Masculine adulation is registered by Karl Malden, as a suspicious cop, and Peter Lawford, as a poisonous playboy. Miss Davis does not let them down. She puffs, pants, pouts and pops her eyes with all the professional relish she can muster. It is sheer cinematic personality on the rampage, in a performance that, while hardly disscreet, is certainly arresting.

Deadly as her films may be, Bette Davis, the star, is very much alive. Wright; released by Warner Brothers. At the Palace and other theaters.